About Us

Founded in 2014, IKOT PRODUCTIONS is the brainchild of Bor Ocampo; named so because of his fondness of riding the UP IKOT jeepneys in the University of Philippines, Diliman Campus. Although not confined to it, Ikot has been developing a penchant for telling stories in a socio-political climate.

We are active in making opportunities to develop film literacy in the grass roots level, believing that it is one of the most accessible and effective tools for social awareness and development, cutting across economic boundaries. We also value creating humane and pro-crew working conditions in the Philippine Film and TV industry. Ikot Productions is open to any creative endeavor upholding and promoting similar values and advocacies.


Director's Bio

Bor Ocampo discloses that his best stories are found, not made; building a filmography in recognizing and extracting arresting narratives from plain sight. He found his first in the AUS-RP Trilogy, where he didn’t hesitate to shoot himself like crazy for the story worth immortalizing. His critically acclaimed short Digpa’ Ning Alti (The Prologue to Our Dog-Eat-Dog) culminated towards his debut feature film, Dayang Asu (Dognation), both of which explore thrilling moral landscapes set in the warring weather of humans as political and creature.

With his films that have received excellency, honors and nominations from the EUROSHORTS International Film Festival 2014; SIGLO: Sine Gitnang Luzon Originals (Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Screenplay, Best Production Design, Best Music); 57th ZINEBI International Documentary and Short Film Festival in Bilbao, Spain (UNICEF Award); KAOHSIUNG Film Festival, Taiwan; SHORT OF THE YEAR, PROMOFEST 2016, Madrid (SPECIAL JURY MENTION AWARD); CinemaOne Originals Film Festival 2015 (Best Cinematography, Best Director); Young Critics Circle 2015 (Best First Feature Film); and 39th Gawad Urian (Best Screenplay, Best Sound, Best Actor); he is also a passionate actor, hailed Best Actor at the 39th MMFF and got Gawad Urian Best Supporting Actor nominated for his performance at Bing Lao’s Dukit (Carved in Wood). As of this writing, Bor Ocampo receives the Best Short Film Award for his film EJK (Extrajudicial Killings) at the 42nd Metro Manila Film Festival.